Saturday Shopping Day

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One of the things I hear a lot when I talk to people about shopping locally is the comment, “I just don’t have enough time to do all that shopping.”  Well, over time with this blog, I hope to disprove that thought process!  It is possible to shop locally on one (or two) days a week, and get plenty of good local food to add to the weekly menus.

I primarily do all our shopping on Saturday mornings, and sometimes on Wednesday as well.  I typically go to the Farmer’s Market in La Reine (center island), and then the farm stands on the corner in Southgate.  About once a month I also visit Sejah Farm and/or Annaly Farms (for meat), and also sometimes ARTfarm on South Shore Road.  In addition, I will often stop at Quality Food VI for organic produce (and sometimes meats) that can’t be bought locally.  However, I generally do NOT go to all these on one day, that would be crazy!  It’s more about…what do we have at home, and what would we like to eat that week?  And then I decide on where to stop.  My shopping is generally 2 hours or so, and it gets most everything we need for our menus.

This week, I went to the La Reine Farmers’ Market, and then on to ARTfarm and the Southgate farm stands.  Here’s the picture of what all I brought home:

photo (25)

This includes hydroponically grown butter lettuce, carambola, tomatoes, chocolate fruit, pomelo, sopadilla, soursop, pumpkin, dried peas, cucumbers, eggplants, limes, green bell pepper, bananas, avocado, honey, hot scotch bonnet peppers, tamarind candies, and a black cake – a local holiday treat!

So what am I going to do with all this?  Well, that’s the next upcoming post!  Stay tuned for the first of my, “What I Did With It” posts – dinner…tonight!